Good Stuff!

Giddy-up harness racing lovahhhs! Your submissions were great! Thanks to everyone who filmed their harness racing days on August 6, 2011 and submitted their footage.

More than 20 people and organizations from across North America sent us their goods (a number we are VERY pleased with).

We’re currently sorting footage and doing a bunch of boring paperwork stuff, but soon we’ll be into the thick of it — reviewing footage, storyboarding, editing, etc. We’ll have a trailer online on New Year’s Day, a mash-up posted two weeks later, and the final project will premiere at the O’Brien Awards on January 28, 2012.

‘Til our next post …. we just couldn’t resist sharing this RACE DAY submission … :)

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RACE DAY interview on TROT Radio

Thanks to Norm Borg and Jeff Porchak at Standardbred Canada for our recent interview on TROT Radio promoting the upcoming shoot date (Saturday, August 6) for RACE DAY. Got your camera at the ready?

If you have any questions about August 6, contact us. Click the image below to access the TROT Radio interview. (Image courtesy of Tony Saxon of the Guelph Mercury)

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Anthony MacDonald Promo Video :)

Anthony MacDonald video released to promote RACE DAY documentary project

The producers of an upcoming user-generated short documentary about harness racing have released a promotional video for the project. In it, driver Anthony MacDonald takes viewers through his typical “harness racing day” in an effort to inspire others within the industry to do the same on Saturday, August 6, 2011.

RACE DAY will be created entirely from contributed content. All of the footage used in the film will be shot by the people who love, live and breathe harness racing. Iron Horse Photo Inc. is urging harness racing participants and enthusiasts to shoot their harness racing day on Saturday, August 6, 2011.

By relinquishing control of the video cameras to racing enthusiasts and amateur videographers, the producers hope to receive candid and honest footage which captures the colour, emotion, character and characters of the greatest game in the world.

The most compelling and distinctive footage will be used to create a 20-30 minute short documentary illustrating life’s highs, lows and colourful in-betweens in harness racing, all captured in one single day.

MacDonald is currently ranked third among all drivers in Canada for wins. In this promotional video, the animated and often outspoken reinsman takes viewers through his daily routine. MacDonald shot all of the footage himself.

“At this stage of the project, we’re soliciting for participation from the industry to shoot their harness racing day on August 6,” explained Race Day producer Kelly Spencer. “This project relies entirely on footage submission and I felt we needed to demonstrate how easy it is to participate.

“I asked Anthony to shoot this promotional video because I knew he’d approach it with enthusiasm and do a fabulous job. Within this five-minute clip, the viewer gets a taste of his personality, his love of the sport, and how it fits into his life.

“Because it’s a user-contributed film, we have no idea what the final Race Day documentary will look like. But, if we have commitment from people like Anthony to film their day on August 6, I’m confident we’ll have a film which is an accurate, balanced and compelling portrayal of this great industry.”

RACE DAY will premiere at the black-tie O’Brien Awards gala on January 28, 2012 in Mississauga, ON, Canada. The O’Brien Awards celebrate the absolute best in harness racing over a given year and are the highest honour the sport bestows upon its heroes in Canada.

Following its premiere, RACE DAY will be available online at and on the RACE DAY Doc YouTube channel. RACE DAY will be supported by a publicity team which will promote the film for inclusion in film festivals and contests, and for distribution across global broadcast mediums.

RACE DAY will be used as a tool to increase exposure for harness racing through the power of film.

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Promo video for August 6 Shoot Day is on the way …

We’ve been busy finessing a promotional video for RACE DAY, which will be released later this week. If you’re considering filming your day for us on the RACE DAY shoot date (Saturday, August 6/11) this video will give you a good idea of the raw, candid and honest footage we’re looking for.

What’s it look like? A few weeks ago, we asked Anthony MacDonald to document one day of his harness racing adventures.

He filmed snippets of several aspects of his busy day: shaving, baby barf, simple but poignant moments with his fiance and daughter, coffee bribery, long car rides, pranks, laughs, disappointment and acceptance.

If you have questions about what to shoot on Saturday, August 6, be sure to check out the sections of this site, particularly PARTICIPATE and our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

If you’re still a little mystified, drop us a line at

Remember: Saturday, August 6 is the day to shoot your harness racing day. Whoever you are, whatever you do in harness racing, TELL THE STORY.


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This too shall rock.

Technology has afforded us this awesome opportunity to create the world’s first user-generated short documentary about harness racing. If you adore harness racing as we do, I hope you’ll mark Saturday, August 6, 2011 as the day you document it.

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