Full film now online!

The producers of RACE DAY have released the film online.

RACE DAY is a short documentary about harness horse racing, created with user-generated content. The film captures a typical day in the life of harness racing (where no day is typical) and offers a rare glimpse of the colour, emotion, character and characters of horse racing.

Iron Horse Photo Inc., the producers of RACE DAY, invited harness racing participants and enthusiasts to record their harness racing day on Saturday, August 6, 2011. Twenty people from across North America submitted more than 10 hours of footage. The film runs 23 minutes and includes Jody Jamieson, Doug McNair, Anthony MacDonald, Phil Hudon, Randy Waples, Rick Zeron, Bruce Gilkinson and Stephanie Horner.

The colourful characters and behind-the-scenes action runs the full gamut of the intriguing world of horse racing. Filmed at racetracks, farms and homes — and from race bikes, trucks and private jets — across North America, each contributor has a unique perspective: from pomp and polish and million-dollar races, to lush fields, pitchforks and elbow grease.

“We focused on crafting a film which showcases the personality of the sport through its characters,” explained producer Kelly Spencer. “We invited the characters to film themselves and each other with the intention of getting a true glimpse inside their days, and their love and passion for harness racing.

“A good film is a good story told by great characters, and this film has plenty. Audiences are captivated by good stories, regardless of their familiarity with the subject matter.”

RACE DAY debuted at the O’Brien Awards in Mississauga, ON in January of 2012. It was screened at the Galaxy Cinemas in Milton, ON a month later, and was featured at numerous equine events throughout 2012.

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