Editing Update

Editing continues on our RACE DAY short documentary. We’re (mostly) on schedule and  (pretty much) on budget. In terms of time line, you might say we’ve just passed the quarter-pole marker. No helmets to follow though — we’re gonna wire this field! :)

Screenshot from video footage (shot Aug. 6/11) submitted by Jody Jamieson for the RACE DAY documentary. (Jody with Trevor Ritchie in the drivers' room at The Meadowlands)

We’ll keep you updated on our progress and throw out a screen shot here and there to keep you intrigued …. this one was shot on RACE DAY (August 6, 2011) by Jody Jamieson …. that’s him with Trevor Ritchie in the drivers’ room at the Meadowlands.

‘Til next time!

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