10 hours into 20 minutes

Greetings! We’re in the thick of things, editing the RACE DAY documentary like crazy and perhaps going a bit crazy in the process. Your awesome submissions total about 10 hours of footage, which we must (somehow?) weave into a 20-minute film.

It’s a bit like piecing together a massive jigsaw puzzle (with thousands of extra parts that don’t quite fit and it’s torturous to set them aside). It’s fascinating to see the different personalities at play — people who are as different as night and day — united by a lifelong affection for horses and harness racing.

Master editor Chad B hard at work. (That's water in the beer glass ... I swear)

Our intention at the start of this project was to capture the character and characters of the sport, and the footage for the RACE DAY documentary certainly illustrates both.

Keep an eye on this site as we will continue to update you on our progress. As promised, the trailer for RACE DAY will premiere online on New Year’s Day (Jan. 1, 2012) and the final film — a short documentary — will premiere at the O’Brien Awards on January 28, 2012.

Again, thanks to everyone who submitted footage, and has supported this crazy endeavor thus far!

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