Promo video for August 6 Shoot Day is on the way …

We’ve been busy finessing a promotional video for RACE DAY, which will be released later this week. If you’re considering filming your day for us on the RACE DAY shoot date (Saturday, August 6/11) this video will give you a good idea of the raw, candid and honest footage we’re looking for.

What’s it look like? A few weeks ago, we asked Anthony MacDonald to document one day of his harness racing adventures.

He filmed snippets of several aspects of his busy day: shaving, baby barf, simple but poignant moments with his fiance and daughter, coffee bribery, long car rides, pranks, laughs, disappointment and acceptance.

If you have questions about what to shoot on Saturday, August 6, be sure to check out the sections of this site, particularly PARTICIPATE and our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

If you’re still a little mystified, drop us a line at

Remember: Saturday, August 6 is the day to shoot your harness racing day. Whoever you are, whatever you do in harness racing, TELL THE STORY.


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